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Life Safety

IQ CO - Carbon Monoxide Detector

This monitored detector ensures your home stays safe from dangerous invisible Carbon Monoxide gas. 


The IQ Temperature Sensor

The IQ Temp is two encrypted sensors combined into a single unit. Sending a signal to the panel if temperatures rise above 100° F or below 40° F you’ll know if there is a problem before it becomes a disaster.


IQ Smoke Detector with Fixed Heat Detection

The IQ Smoke is connected to your IQ Panel and monitored 24-7, whether your system is armed or not. 


IQ Pendant

The IQ Pendant is a single button device attached to a watch strap, used to trigger an emergency. Typically programmed to indicate a medical emergency, the IQ Wrist Pendant is perfect for the elderly or those with disabilities.  


Standard Package Overview

S-Line IQ Classic Kit 2 Includes:

  • 24/7 Local Monitoring
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Mobile App
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • 2-way Voice
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Remote Arm and Disarm
  • 3 Mini IQ Sensors (QS1135-840)
  • 1 IQ Motion (QS1230-840)
  • 7″ Touch Screen w/ 5MP Panel Camera
  • LTE Radio WiFi
  • Z Wave Plus
  • Bluetooth
  • Panel Glass Break

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