DSC Residential Security System

DSC Residential Security Systems

Advanced, award-winning technology

For many years DSC has been the brand of choice among security companies and homeowners in 140 countries worldwide. Our engineers created the first microprocessor-based control panels and set the industry standards for small elegant keypads and wireless devices.

Save on Insurance & Add Value to your Home

By adding a DSC security system to your home, not only will you have taken steps to protect your family and property, but you may also save up to 20% on your annual insurance premium and may increase the value of your home on the housing market.
DSC Residential Security Systems
Power Series Completely Secure

Legendary Reliability & Protection

Whether you need a traditional security system for burglary and fire, or a more sophisticated system that can send vital information via the internet, DSC has a reliable security solution for you.

Check on Family or Automate your Home from Afar

Need tighter control from outside your home or even from the other side of the globe? With our home automation features you are never far away. If you want to control your alarm system from a wireless key or remote telephone, you need DSC. If you want to regularly check activity in your home and stay connected with your children, nannies, elderly relatives or check for intruders, you need DSC.