Remote Monitoring

Centurion Alarm & Lock now provides remote monitoring of vital infrastructure, job sites, compounds, and protected locations 365 days a year.

Our security systems deliver vital video analytics, allowing you to stay one step ahead of any problem.

Site Monitoring 8PM-6AM 7 Days a week

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a month

Perimeter Protection

The perimeter security, which is based on tripwires and area infiltration, transmits an alarm only when undesirable movements are triggered by a human or a vehicle, sparing users from taking unnecessary actions due to false alarms.

Establishment’s Monitoring

Monitoring is no longer a difficult task for security guards due to a dearth of personnel who can focus on numerous particulars. Saves our clients time and effort by eliminating false alarms caused by foliage, lights, animals, and pets. Exactly extracts and classifies humans and vehicles from enormous quantities of video data.

Smart Hard Hat Detaction

Hard hat detection detects automatically when a hard hat is not worn in a hazardous location.

Industrial Park Perimeter

Using flexible configuration, keep people away from exclusion zones. The thermal camera converts thermal radiation into a visible image that can be plainly viewed in adverse conditions, such as complete darkness, backlighting, fog, etc.

Depending on the structure of the fencing, flexible rules can be established to prevent people from scaling over it.

When perimeter protection alarms are activated, an integrated LED and loudspeaker are activated to notify the central.

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