Remote Monitoring

Centurion Alarm & Lock now offers 365 day a year remote monitoring of critical infrastructure, job sites, coupounds and protected areas.

Our socurity solutions provide valuable video analytics that keep you a step ahead of any issue.

Site Monitoring 8PM-6AM 7 Days a week

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a month

Perimeter Protection

The perimeter protection – based on tripwire and area intrusion – sends and alarm only when unwanted movements triggered by human or vehicle occure. saving users from unnecessary actions caused by false alarms.

Establishment’s Monitoring

With limited manpower that bac focus on huge amounts of details, monitoring has been a pressing challenge to security guards, not anymore. Filters out useless alarms caused by leaves, lights, pets and animales, saving our customers time and effort. Eztracts and classifies humans and vehicles from massive video data.

Smart Hard Hat Detaction

Hard hat detection automatically detects when a hardhat isn’t being worn in a dangerous area.

Industrial Park Perimeter

Keep people away from exclusion areas with flexivle configuration. The thermal camera converts the thermal radiation into the visible image, which can be clearly imaged in the harsh environment, such as no light, backling, fog, etc.

Flexible rules can be set up depending on the structure of the fencing in order to prevent people from climbing over it. 

Once perimeter protection alarms are triggered, built-in LED and loudspeaker are activated to alert the central.

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Mobile Surveillance

New to Centurion Alarm, our off grid mobile surveillance unit! These are currently a work in progress and will be deployed next week!

Powered by solar, these mobile surveillance units provide security to even the most remote locations. Looking forward to seeing these around, deterring crime before it happens!