Health and Personal Safety

Cloud based – fall detection – notifications – fully mobile – charging

This system offers a proactive solution and security measure for our loved ones, lone workers, seniors and those with health concerns. This product has fall detection, distinguishing between being dropped VS an actual human fall! A fantastic product for those who work alone, or those who are a fall risk and would require assistance. This is a cloud based program and will immediately send a notification to those who are monitoring on the Everthere app. When a fall is detected the Libris 2 will contact a call centre to provide quick two way assistance.


“EverThere® is a cloud-based app that gathers data with Libris to provide a user-friendly, comprehensive dashboard for those keeping track of the health and safety of Libris users. Data is collected through Libris, which operates as a gateway and wirelessly connects to the browser interface. This allows EverThere to collect activity data and event notifications from the device continuously. The platform gives control for personalized notifications, activity tracking, and real-time and previous location histories. EverThere integrates personal safety and emergency response with proactive, socially engaging services.


We can also discuss packages to be able to care for your loved ones and take in all of their needs!

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