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Kantech KT-100 Card Access

Kantech Card Access
The KT-100 Mini Door Controller is compact and versatile with a space-saving design that incorporates all the components and equipment found in much larger controllers.
Choose it for installations near a door, within a ceiling, involving turnstiles and parking gates, or anywhere that requires less than 3.28 m (10 ft) of wiring.  The KT-100 contains all the intelligence and necessary inputs/outputs to manage one door or link to a network controlling thousands of doors. The firmware program is stored in the controller flash memory and can easily be downloaded from the system’s EntraPass workstation without changing the memory chips. The KT-100 also allows installers to arm/disarm an external alarm system and to assign appropriate user permissions.


  • Single door controller
  • Flash memory programming
  • Fast communication speed, up to 115,200 baud
  • Automated trouble reporting
  • Quick and easy installation, in a single gang box
  • Interfaces with an external alarm system
  • Update firmware directly from the workstation
  • No DIP switches or jumpers to set decreases installation time
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Kantech KT-100 Card Access
Kantech KT-100 Card Access