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Telguard Residential Security System

Telguard Home Security

Telguard HomeControl offer cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style management, all in one the Go!Control-inspired user interface.

Telguard Home Security

Telguard HomeControl for 2GIG Go!Control Panels

Today consumers expect much more than a traditional security system. They expect the ability to interact with, and control, their system using one well-designed system at an affordable price. Combining Telguard’s life safety communications with the award-winning iControl Networks OpenHome™ software platform, Telguard HomeControl allows dealers to offer cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style management, through one Go!Control-inspired user interface.

Seamless Mobile App

Created by a world renowned design firm, Telguard HomeControl’s mobile app matches the sophistication and style users expect to see on their iPhone or Android devices. The app also mirrors the look of the Go!Control user interface providing one seamless user experience.

HomeControl OneRate

The HomeControl OneRate service plan replaces the previous pricing structure with a single flat price. The OneRate plan gives dealers a 50% savings over other interactive solutions while providing the superior performance features of HomeControl interactive services. This single, all-in price enables them to more effectively upsell interactive features, and capture higher RMR in today’s highly competitive security market.

HomeControl OneRate includes:

  • Telguard cellular connectivity.
  • Remote arming.
  • Unlimited sensors.
  • Z-Wave automations and schedules.
  • Upload/download.
  • End user notifications.
  • Live & event based video.
  • Two-way voice based on panel capability.
  • 500MB or 21 days of video storage.

Seamless User Experience

Telguard HomeControl provides a seamless user experience by delivering a sleek portal and mobile interface complementary to the Go!Control look and feel.

Beyond Basic Interactive

Unlike competing solutions, Telguard HomeControl’s Interact service level, offers the ability to build notifications from all of the panel’s sensors, not just arming and disarming.

Over-the-air Upgradeable

2GIG panels powered by Telguard HomeControl for life safety are over-the-air upgradeable to life style features, making upselling interactive services much easier after the initial installation.


HomeControl is now available with Go!Control panels.